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Three interviews and an internship. September 10, 2010

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I had three interviews this week in hopes of finding the ideal internship.

The first was on Tuesday with Girls on the Run. I was able to figure out the bus system and got there early — even transferred buses no problem! The interview was super relaxed and with two of the three staff members. Because the staff is so small I’d be doing a little bit of everything, but my main focus would be their big event at the end of the year which has about 1,000 attendees. They offered me the internship right then so I told them I would get back to them by Friday. I left feeling confident but not ready to commit.

Wednesday I actually had two interviews because I had sent my resume out on the weekend and got called back from The Arc. I felt obligated to go even though I didn’t really want to but we are supposed to have at least three interviews. So I went to the Exploratorium first. This was the internship I was most excited about; excited is probably an understatement. Well I got just a little bit lost once I got off the bus because the street I was supposed to walk down was not clearly labeled but I made it on time anyway, just with a few new blisters on my feet. And the museum is AWESOME. The volunteer coordinator, Deirdre, set me up with an interview in the public information office. I think she saw comm major and thought PR and media. Even though Deirdre was great, the two ladies that interviewed me were just awful (Deirdre calls them the dragon ladies) and didn’t seem like they wanted an intern and I would be doing a lot of dumb intern stuff (clipping articles, responding to emails, etc). So I was suuuuper underwhelmed by this and completely disappointed because I had been so excited.

I had to go straight from there to my other interview with The Arc. The Arc is a national nonprofit organization that provides services for adults with developmental disabilities. I have a big big heart for people like this — I just really love them. My internship coordinator had suggested the place but I didn’t really consider it because I was set on Explo. But once I got there (a little late because the buses were late so I missed my transfer) it was wonderful. While I waited for my interviewer I talked with one of the clients about her day and what she likes to do. So great! I interviewed with Meredith, the marketing manager, who seemed really excited to have me there. From the interview I gathered that I would be doing a lot of work with their Facebook and blog, as well as interviewing clients and writing about their stories for the newsletter. She thought I was starting right then and wanted to get me an email address and a desk!

So then it was thinking time. I loved The Arc but didn’t really know how much I would be actually learning — I know how to Facebook and blogging really can’t be that difficult. So the next day I called Meredith to ask what I could expect to learn and how the internship would change as I learn more. She was really reassuring and said that basically I would be learning everything she knows about marketing communication and I would be doing some work outside her department, too.

Great! But I still had my mind set on Explo. I knew I didn’t want the PR internship with the dragon ladies. But Deirdre’s intern is leaving this week! So I called Deirdre to see if that was a position she wanted to fill again. She set me up with a meeting with her current intern to talk about the position. While I was meeting with her I knew it just was not the internship for me, and I kept thinking about The Arc and how much I loved it. Also I was at Explo for THREE HOURS just talking with Deirdre and her intern and also this volunteer that wandered in the office. He and I were talking about the most random things: communication, leadership, socialism, conflict, sustainability. The whole time I was thinking “Don’t you have to get back to work??” But it was a good conversation anyway.

With Explo off the list, I had to choose between GOTR and The Arc. GOTR was really willing to cater to my interests and major, and I would be very involved with the organization because it is so small. At The Arc I would be more focused in one department, so I’d learn a lot more about one thing rather than a little bit of everything. What really got me was all the interaction with clients that I’d have at The Arc; not only would I be interviewing them and writing about them, but they often pop into the office just to say hi. At GOTR, I think I would be in the office a lot with not much interaction with people (other than phone and email). And I know that Explo would probably look better on a resume (it’s the first science museum of its kind and the model for similar museums worldwide), but it just wasn’t for me.

And I’ve just confirmed with The Arc that I will be interning there! We’re going to work out my schedule when I go in on Monday. I am so very excited for this!


3 Responses to “Three interviews and an internship.”

  1. Michele Says:

    I knew you would pick ARC. Sorry the Exploritorium (sp?) didn’t work out. Good luck!

  2. Clarissa Says:

    The ARC sounds great! Have a great first day on Monday! I will stalk your blog regularly!

  3. KK Says:

    “excited was an understatement” hahaha
    tried not to laugh out loud as I read that in class

    Arc sounds great, can’t wait to hear what God teaches you through that!

    love you Big April 🙂

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