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My morning with Briana. September 16, 2010

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There is a client at The Arc named Briana. She is supposed to give a speech next week at a big donor breakfast. Yesterday we found out that she’s been in the hospital with pneumonia the past few days, so giving the speech live might be overwhelming for her health. Briana still really wanted to share her story, so I suggested that we film it; that way, we can go at her pace. Today I got to film her. She was really a joy to work with and so excited to be on camera.
Briana had an awful time growing up. She was stuffed into lockers, rolled down a hill in a trashcan, and hung up on a flagpole, to name just a few things. When she came to The Arc, she was living with her dad, didn’t get out much, and didn’t really have any friends. She is such a kind and funny person, yet no one in her life was willing to see past her disabilities.
Now that she’s here, she says everything is different. She lives in her own apartment and goes to fun events around town with a group of Arc friends. She runs a micro-enterprise, which means that she has a small business at The Arc — it’s called The Friendly Cafe. And she has no problem admitting that she’s very popular.
I am so glad that I met her, that I got to help tell her story, and that I’m interning at The Arc. So many of the clients and other people with disabilities who aren’t at The Arc are overlooked or dismissed. This makes me sad and also angry. I’ve only been there for a week, but I’ve meet so many wonderful and hilarious and sweet people who happen to have developmental disabilities. For many of them, The Arc is their only chance at community because no one else will welcome them. I love that this place exists but I wish it didn’t need to.


One Response to “My morning with Briana.”

  1. KK Says:

    so proud of the work you are doing.
    frickin love you. miss you tons.

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