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The best day. October 18, 2010

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My supervisor was out of town today, so I got to spend the whole day out in the community with some of the clients. Since I am usually at my desk 8 hours a day, this was a welcome change of scenery. I absolutely adore the clients and I love spending time with them whenever I can.
In my group were Willie, Letu, Marco, and Chris, as well as the group leader Cecelia. I learned first hand that you really are only as fast as your slowest member. Letu is a little lady — not up to my shoulders or anywhere near them. Her brisk walk is my slow crawl. And she has difficulty breathing, so every couple of minutes we had to stop and give her a little rest. I expected the other clients to get frustrated with this because we did a lot of walking (including several flights of stairs due to a broken elevator), but they were so patient; Chris even offered to carry her bags.
While we were on the subway to City College for lunch and a workout class, I sat next to Willie, who is a big sweetheart. He didn’t have too much to say, but his huge smile was more than enough. The ride was going fine for Willie until a man boarded the subway who was possibly homeless and definitely talking to himself. Willie kept looking up at me with a really scared look and finally just put his head on my shoulder and slipped his hand into mine. Needless to say, my heart melted.
Later, while we were on a bus to computer class, I discovered that Willie has an urge to touch strangers. And he knows he shouldn’t; every time he reached his hand out toward someone’s shoulder or hair he would look at me with a big mischievous grin. While this was somewhat comical, it’s obviously a problem that I wasn’t anticipating. Strangers don’t like to be touched, and I told him this over and over. I had him hold his own hands or mine, which lasted for all of 5 seconds. Thankfully the woman next to him was very kind and understanding, but I was very relieved when our stop finally came.
This was by far my best and favorite day at work so far. The clients are a huge reason why I chose to intern at The Arc and I really just love them. They are absolutely wonderful people. But you can’t touch strangers, Willie. You just can’t.


2 Responses to “The best day.”

  1. malloryfarrar Says:

    so glad you’re enjoying your internship april! 🙂

  2. Clarissa Says:

    This sounds awesome. I love that you have a heart for all the clients! You are the bestest!

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