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A breath of fresh air. October 23, 2010

Filed under: Exploration,Thoughts — April @ 11:47 am

Point MontaraEight weeks in the city and now for some fresh air. The Urban mid-term retreat was this past Thursday. No class and no internship; just 27 college students playing at Point Montara for the day.
Being there reminded of me of my trip to Ireland. We started out in Belfast, a major city, for the first week and a half. It was nice, but not the Ireland I had anticipated. Then we went to Corrymeela, a tiny rural place with rolling green hills dotted with sheep behind me and cliffs and ocean in front of me. In a word, it was breathtaking. Point Montara lacked the sheep, but it had the same feeling of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying peace and relaxation for the day. Point Montara is a great spot. It’s less than an hour out of San Francisco, it’s got beautiful cliffs, and the lighthouse there was the first in the US to be run by a woman (yay women!).
It was nice to be able to hang out with everyone outside of the city. We had a brief debrief time, and the rest of the day was ours. We explored the cliffs and beach, played games, and some of us played jump rope on the sand with washed-up kelp.
Since it’s the half-way point of the semester, I figured it’s a good time to evaluate where I’m at and what I want for the remaining 8 weeks. I’m more comfortable being in the city and I’m not as homesick. I love my internship. I’m having more patience with my housemates. I want to get to know more of them. I want to get out of the house more and see more of the City. I have a few places that I know I like, but this city has so much more to offer me and I won’t be living here for much longer. I want to soak it up.


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