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“You’re a true marketer, Peterson.” November 9, 2010

Filed under: Internship — April @ 8:05 pm

My supervisor said this to me today after I exclaimed the joys of conducting surveys. Talk about affirmation! I’m seriously considering marketing as a career post-grad, so this was great encouragement. This came at the end of a very eventful day: the ambulance came to The Arc but most of the staff was not informed beforehand, thus generating great confusion; someone microwaved a fork, causing the kitchen to fill with smoke and the entire building to smell vaguely of popcorn and pizza simultaneously; and I learned that one of my co-workers does drag on weekends. Yesterday the COO sent out an urgent, high-priority email warning all staff to NOT eat the cake that a client was distributing at that moment because it had been in The Arc’s refrigerator for at least two weeks.

I love my internship. Only at The Arc…


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